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Hamilton’s committed African council 

The Hunter African Communities Council is an inclusive not-for-profit organisation supporting Australians of African decent across Hamilton and the Hunter region. We provide a variety of services ranging from legal advice to personal development support. Our goals are to create a safe and welcoming community for all Australians of African origin and their connections while encouraging integration in Australian society and embracing unique cultural diversity. 

What we do

We’re dedicated to providing reliable resources and services for Australians of African origin. With our strong sense of community and well-developed relationships, we offer effective services to assist in your successful integration and inclusion in Australian society while embracing your unique cultural heritage. We help families, groups, individuals and organisations learn more about African culture and its people. We help people of African origin find their place in Australian society, enjoy personal and professional success and celebrate diversity and multiculturalism. We focus on:
  • Education and employment 
  • Capacity building
  • Cross-cultural communication and interpretation 
  • Housing, health and family support 
  • Integration and community events
  • Cultural celebration 
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Who we are

The HACC is a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting the needs of Australians of African origin. As a non-governmental organisation we’re focused on the development of African people and culture in the Hunter region. We respond to the needs of our members, tailoring our services to your unique circumstances and your goals. We provide the support of an entire community to help new settlers and Australians of African origin reach their full potential. 

Celebrating community and culture 

We regularly host a number of different community and cultural events to celebrate African traditions and pastimes. Our events are an open invitation to get involved and meet fellow community members from similar and diverse cultural backgrounds. Our events include sports (soccer, netball and basketball) and creative cultural gatherings (music, fashion, art, craft, singing and movement). 

Call Us Today! +61 401-345-469

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